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Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) as a proven therapy option

Is there evidence that change is possible with help from a QCH therapist?

Over four years ago Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) took a step forward in allying itself with the work of the Pragmatic Research Network. By using the same outcome measurements like those employed by IAPT and within the NHS for mainstream therapies like CBT, we could compare our results.

A group of QCH therapists and their clients volunteered to track the outcomes and effectiveness of the Quest treatment approach.

Four years later

The results of this small pilot study have been written up in the Mental Health Review of 2015.

  • Using 118 cases measuring the effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety, 71% considered themselves recovered after an average of 4 sessions. This compared to an average of 42% for other approaches using the same measures.”

And based on this research the mental health review summarised with the following quote.

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QCH may offer a brief effective treatment for clients with clinically significant levels of anxiety and/or depression, widening client choice”

Below you’ll find information on the structure of therapy:

An introductory and initial consultation

First of all, let’s arrange a chat on the phone or via Zoom-online (30-minute slot)

We can consider your issue and make some decisions together before booking the start of your hypnotherapy journey.

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One to one Session

Using online web-based therapy which is a secure model for therapy. For more information about online therapy click here.

By continuing on the next step of your journey we would arrange a time and day for our 1:1 package of sessions to begin. Full terms and conditions, as well as a client-therapist agreement, are provided and mutually signed.

Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.  Sometimes on a weekly or fortnightly schedule – as you improve the space between sessions can be extended, because together we are aiming to help you to become self-sufficient and to continue towards your desired outcomes.   Your hypnotherapy experience would include:

  • At least one bespoke hypnotic recording
  • Specific, appropriate simple tasks for you to engage with between sessions
  • Documentation on techniques for you to keep
  • Email and phone support between sessions
  • Use of the pragmatic research council assessment tools to help track your progress and ensure your well-being. *

It’s usual for me to have an initial telephone assessment and consultation (with no obligation or charge) with prospective clients, so I can understand your situation in a bit more detail and we can decide how best to support you.  Everything I do is tailored toward the client as all clients are unique. Our initial conversation helps us to make those choices on whether it would be best for you to have a minimum amount of one to one appointments, or if it’s better for you to commit to an agreed package of sessions.

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Book a consultation

To find out more you can make contact with me, by clicking on the schedule icon.

Remember that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, and that means you won’t be locked into years of therapy and you may be surprised at just how quickly you start to experience improvements.

Together we also go at a pace that suits you until you are ready to continue your journey without the need for any additional guidance.

* Quest – my training body – are aligned to the pragmatic research network helping us to understand how to maximise our effectiveness in helping our clients via a means of using assessment tools to track individual progress.

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Bespoke MP3

As part of your therapy you will receive a ‘bespoke’ MP3:

All therapy options include your own personal MP3 download at no extra charge, and content tailored suggestions to help you utilise the power of your unconscious mind in accessing the resources you need.  A download is sent for you to access and stream through your phone and download on to your computer to add to your listening device.

MP3 only

What about a personalised MP3 recording only?

Personalised, bespoke recordings can be created for example, as an aid to boost confidence,  or maybe to de-stress at the end of the day. This would require an on-line call to discuss your issue and how you experience it and from this information, I would create a unique MP3 recording just for you, based on the science of suggestion.  Charges for this service are the same as my 1:1 sessions.  A lot of people gain real benefits and just the support they need from using these recordings.  They’re not meant as a replacement for deeper therapeutic work that comes from having one to one sessions.

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You will need to participate in simple tasks to get you closer to your solution state. This allows you to learn how to become more self-reliant.  This is a therapeutic alliance, no magic wands are stored at my office 😉

I like to believe that during your therapy sessions you widen your perspective.  That opens the way to real change.

Once all sessions are completed, you walk away with the ability to continue achieving and improving for yourself.

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Smoking Cessation

Freedom from smoking:

 Session’s Structure

  • Initial assessment/consultation via phone or Zoom web-link. No obligation or charge.
  • Some simple pre-session tasks which will require your commitment to follow them through.
  • Two appointments comprising up to 90 minutes per session across Zoom online web-link. Watch this space for future office-based availability to stop smoking in West Sussex area.
  • An MP3 download or CD track containing a priming hypnotic suggestion.

Bonus:  The service includes techniques and interventions tailored to help you.

  • Clients receive helpful tips and tools as aids in remaining smoke-free. For the first month, I email you a weekly motivational email (optional) to cheer you on as you remain permanently free.  For the first 6 weeks, should an unexpected trigger arise you can choose to return for a follow-up session for a reduced single fee.  This service is associated with smoking or vaping only.

Dealing with daily stress

Sometimes people have chronic stress factors and need to have treatment to help alleviate stress before they cut down and/or stop smoking completely. If stress is an issue in your life then you may prefer to get help through hypnotherapy for this first before moving on to stopping the smoking.  We could have a chat about this and the best approach for you at your initial assessment

Simmons Method trainned

Contact me: quit smoking

Click on the pic to contact me, or take time to review my stop smoking page for additional information about smoking and the importance of letting it go.

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