Quit Smoking

How I stopped smoking

What made the difference for this client to quit smoking?

At the start of the hypnotherapy sessions, I suffered a little trepidation after 60 odd years smoking. However, Maria had a calming and positive nature and gradually I too became positive.

After our first meeting, I started to cut down smoking by myself. The second session left me feeling sure of myself and that I would successfully stop smoking.

Although I still get the feeling, on some days, that I would like a cigarette, it is getting less and less.

I am confident that I have now given up the smoking habit, even though there have been a few personal problems that could have triggered a re-start.

If anyone is thinking of using this method to give up smoking, I spent a number of weeks getting my mind in gear first then contacted Maria. It worked for me after over 60 years – it could work for you too.

Thanks again Maria

Peter C – East London

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