Overcome doubts and fears for the future

Successfully helping me overcome doubts and enjoy my life.

I needed a personal solution to bring back my motivation and to start believing more in my capabilities. To feel comfortable with the uncertainty of running my own business and stop the panic rising in certain situations. I also wanted to explore new things in getting my personal emotional needs met.

Since doing sessions with Maria, including the techniques I learned, when I look back at my life now it seems like everything was there for a reason. I can take the positive out of everything.   I was also more sheltered and kept to myself. The difference now is I feel more outgoing and more relaxed.

And there are little things I’ve been doing, like seeing more of the positive in everything even in stressful situations.  I feel happy and that I can overcome obstacles concerning my business, and I feel a lot better about myself.

I’m starting to do things I’ve never done before – like going to yoga.

AK Ilford, Essex

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