Bruxism – jaw tension

I had been clenching my jaw for 6 years!

I had no idea what to expect at my first meeting as I had never been to a therapist before.  Maria talked to me for a while and explained everything very fully, which put me at ease.  My issue was physical tension manifesting itself in uncontrolled clenching and chattering of my teeth, particularly during sleep. I now believe that tension in my neck and pain in my shoulders, where I have a rotator cuff injury, were being affected by this too.

The therapy is not difficult

It just needs some concentration and a bit of imagination.  I was relaxed in Maria’s company so it was easy for me to open up my imagination and explore my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. In a later session, we explored the history behind my tension… I was able to make sense of the situation, where as a child I had not understood it, so I was able to let it go.  This caused a noticeable physical and emotional release within me.

Immediate difference

I had no great expectation of a quick result from my therapy; however, I was stunned to find immediate relief from my tension condition after just one session.

Two weeks went by before my next appointment.  I had no more jaw ache in the mornings but also my neck and shoulders were no longer tense, aching or painful.

On very few occasions, I used the techniques Maria gave me to control my issue.

I’m in control

I am able to control things now without having to go for therapy.  Sometimes I listen to a recording from Maria that helps me to relax and I use some simple anchor techniques.

I recommend Maria as a practitioner of this type of therapy and am sure it would work for many people regardless of whether their issue is physical or psychological.

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