Terms and conditions

Sessions are payable by bank transfer or cheque prior to your appointment or cash at the time of your appointment.

Cost is dependent on the number of sessions as a package, the length and frequency of sessions. For more information on packages and payment you are invited to an initial telephone, or Skype conversation, with no obligation or charge, where we’d discuss your issue, and potential package and charge.

My sessions run up to 75 minutes and the price includes documentation, between session tasks, any MP3 hypnosis recordings I may prepare which is unique to you, and communication outside of sessions via email or phone within office hours. As a base line one appointment equates to £80 for that session.

Antisocial behaviour will cause the immediate cessation of treatment.

I reserve the right to refuse service without providing any reason.

Clients have access to the complaints and discipline procedures of The National Council for Hypnotherapy, at any time.

Sessions may be recorded for my records/notes only and to ensure the best possible service, they are then erased.

Information discussed in session is completely confidential. An exception to this would be if the client is deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others or if there is any legal reason for disclosure. The discussion of cases with a medical professional (for example the client’s GP), or with my supervisor is not considered a breach of confidentiality.