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Can’t sleep? Hypnotherapy helps…

Insomnia is no fun

Better ways to find sleep

‘I can’t sleep’ may be one of the frustrating mantra’s you find yourself saying as you lay awake staring at the ceiling on most nights.

I’ve seen many people that struggle with sleep for many different reasons, especially when we are also subject to the hectic pace of town or city living.

We all need sleep to function adequately, and most of us need 6-8 hours every night.

If we lose one single night of sleep, we can generally recover within a few days, but long-term reduced rest is just not so easy to conquer.

Sleeping disorders affect the sleep of millions all over the world.

The worst thing about this condition is that there may be no distinct reason for sleep loss.

If your bed feels nice and the environment is quiet, you’re snug, and you don’t actually feel anxious, why is it that you find yourself saying ‘not again,  I can’t sleep.’

There are as a rule straightforward reasons for insomnia, and that’s around something also known as general sleep hygiene and habits.

What if my issue with Insomnia is becoming prolonged?  – the stress factor.

Symptoms of insomnia  can be:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • difficulty sleeping at all,
  • waking up early in the morning
  • waking up during the night time
  • disturbed or stressed sleep
  • finding daily function difficult because of tiredness
  • mood swings and low concentration through the day

For a lot of people daily tension, stress and anxiety are the reasons why their sleep is affected, and the consequences manifest themselves both consciously and unconsciously: this means we are dealing with two levels of mind every time we try to go to sleep.

On a conscious level, the majority of us will have experienced the issue of a busy mind in bed, when you just cannot turn off and all of the day’s thoughts and stresses spin around ceaselessly. Lots of people end up drifting off to sleep through mental exhaustion.

While other people encounter panic attacks in the night without identifying what is happening to them and which is actually the result of absorbing their worries through the day which then affects them on an unconscious level.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help people to finally get some enjoyable sleep.

Becoming aware of this problem is good but not always helpful if we don’t understand what we could be doing about it.

The last thing we want is to find we’ve become anxious about going to bed.

“With a minimal idea about how to control these symptoms, we can be left feeling weary and sometimes distressed .”

Resolving insomnia

Ah..finally a good nights sleep

 So let’s find what the ‘I can’t sleep’ is about

By deciding to do something more constructive about this problem, you and I would be looking at the underlying issues causing your condition.

You’ll learn how to make improvements in your environment and for yourself, giving you the solution to take back control of your sleeping pattern.

This can enable a feeling of hope because with more understanding and learned tactics you’ll be sending a message to your unconscious mind to aid you.

So the ‘I can’t sleep’ doesn’t even have time to filter through to your conscious thinking anymore.

Our one to one sessions will include hypnosis on an MP3 recording at night. Before you know it you’ve made a  valuable change that can positively impact many aspects of your life.
If you are concerned about your insomnia here’s an opportunity to do something about it – imagine a time in the not too distant future when you could be going to bed and ‘sleeping ‘ successfully.

By obtaining the core cycle of deep sleep that the body needs you’ll be more able to wake to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

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If there is no apparent reason for your sleep disorder, I always advise people to see their GP first. All being well we can work together on bringing about improvements to help you move towards better quality sleep.

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