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The End of The Year Is Nigh!!!

Stoptober quit-smoking

Stoptober a washout? Shake off this ‘naughty trickster’ and stop smoking.

As ‘Stoptober’ comes to an end, there is just a couple of months to go before CHRISTMAS and as quick as you can say ‘mistletoe,’ we break through into a NEW YEAR.

It can be effortless, or more challenging to stop smoking. Depending on what triggers have brought you back to the nicotine addiction in the past. However, it is also possible to put those triggers in the past where they belong and become future-proof free. With Christmas coming up you may find it helpful to have some extra tools for remaining a non-smoker up your sleeve too.

Tried hypnosis?

Hypnosis is known to be a natural and complementary alternative to stopping smoking because it works on the mind.

The Simmons Method?

What people learn using this method, alongside the elements of Cognitive Hypnotherapy deepens your understanding, breaking triggers and associations, giving you tools to help to banish cravings.

We’re looking at how we can retrain your brain to stay free of the smoking, while you get on with living your life and your body thanks you for how it performs because of how you respond.

Imagine being a non-smoker, or you may prefer to call yourself someone who used to smoke and no longer does.  Even if someone else is smoking around you, you’re not bothered because you’ve become indifferent to it.  That means you care less about that old smoke. Instead, you’re making choices towards more healthier options whatever they may be that’s personal to you.

Imagine preferring instead clean fresh air and healthier behaviours in resolving stressful situations.

Interested in learning more?

stoptober quit-smoking

Maria Richards Cognitive Hypnotherapist

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Others have, and now they are more active because of improvements to their health.

And if finance is crucial to you then note that being smoke-free can have you laughing all the way to the bank! Given one client’s smoking habit she saved over £4000 year through breaking up with tobacco and who I call the nicotine trickster!

Get serious – get free…

Increase your chances for better health and longevity… and if it floats your boat then don’t forget your prosperity in the cash you’ll save… Ka-Ching!!!

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