Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy is becoming more attractive to many people.  Life can be busy when you are running the home, or your time is consumed with working commitments.  If you’re seeking help to overcome your issue and would like to know more about online therapy.  Or maybe you don’t reside in London and you are looking for an alternative…

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Online Hypnotherapy

Well here’s an opportunity to try out hypnotherapy in a different way. It’s the 21st Century! Improvements in broadband connections mean that you may be able to enjoy therapy in the comfort of your own home.  Skype therapy is becoming more popular and you don’t have to download Skype to engage in online therapy.  I also offer clients an alternative video conferencing application called  Zoom, which means you don’t have to install Skype on your computer. I email a hyperlink to the client which means they can connect to me by entering a virtual meeting room. It couldn’t be easier. Importantly these online sites are encrypted, which means our sessions will remain confidential. Plus for added reassurance my online therapy is subject to the ethical professional standards and therapy insurance cover.

Trance online.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I won’t use deep trance work in on line sessions. In our on line session you may be asked to close your eyes briefly to change focus and use your imagination. This means that a client can open their eyes at any time and be present.

For deeper hypnosis I provide MP3 recordings where appropriate for the client to listen to at home.

Many clients have benefited and resolved their issues through direct web based sessions with the therapist of their choice.  This service is not limited to the UK, as the quality of calls can be sharp and clear from many parts of the world where broadband technology is available. Anxiety and stress, phobias,  behavioural issues like thumb sucking, insomnia, stop smoking/vaping – all lend themselves to the processes of hypnosis with therapy via Skype or via other online applications.

This is what one of my clients said:

” I particularly appreciated Maria’s flexibility. As a working mum with young kids on the South Coast, getting to London for face-to-face meetings was almost impossible, so Maria suggested we try working through Skype. I wasn’t sure how this would affect the experience, but it didn’t lessen the impact in any way. The sessions had immediate and far-reaching impact on me. Maria’s warmth and steady approach came across clearly and I felt completely reassured and involved.  “

Louise from Brighton.

Interested in online therapy?

Drop me a line via email with brief details of the issue you would like help with.  The next step would be to arrange a suitable time and day for our initial conversation. Up to 30 minutes with no obligation to continue and free of charge.   Or if you prefer to come to the office for sessions contact me for an initial conversation too.

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