Online Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy is becoming more attractive to many people.  We know that life can be busy because you may be running the home, or your time is consumed with work and personal commitments.

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Online Hypnotherapy

So, here’s an opportunity to try out hypnotherapy in a different way because we’re now in the 21st Century. And improvements in broadband connections mean that you may be able to enjoy therapy in the comfort of your own home or before you leave the office. Which of course is dependant on you having access to a private and secure place.

Skype therapy is becoming more popular, but you don’t have to download Skype to engage in online treatment.  I also offer clients another and a preferred secure video conferencing application called Zoom, which means you don’t have to install Skype on your computer. And it’s easy to use on a PC, a MAC or tablet. All you need is a broadband connection and access to a camera and microphone.
I email a hyperlink to the client which means they can connect to me by entering a virtual meeting room. It couldn’t be easier. Importantly the online sites I use have strict policies and terms and conditions for using a high standard of encrypted technology. They are also GDPR compliant. ** See below for a further explanation but in a nutshell, it means our sessions will remain confidential.

Plus for added reassurance, my online therapy is subject to the professional ethical standards and therapy insurance cover.

Trance online.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I won’t use deep trance work in online sessions. In a typical online meeting, I could ask you to close your eyes briefly, to change focus, and encourage you to use your imagination. This means that a client can open their eyes at any time and be present.

For deeper hypnosis, I provide MP3 recordings were appropriate for the client to listen to at home.

Many clients have benefited and resolved their issues through direct web-based sessions with the therapist of their choice.

The service I provide is not limited to the UK. As the quality of calls can be sharp and clear from many parts of the world where broadband technology is available.

Anxiety and stress, phobias, mood or behavioural issues. Insomnia, stop smoking/vaping, self-esteem and self-confidence, all lend themselves to the processes of hypnosis with therapy via web-based online applications.

A few examples from what clients have said about the practical experience across a web-based platform. keeping in mind that each client will have unique differences and treatment can and does vary.
1. ” I mainly needed assistance in managing anxiety relating to a presentation that I had to conduct as part of the interview process. After a thorough consultation via Skype Maria recorded a personalised set of self-hypnosis instructions for me to listen to. These were extremely effective in helping me to contain and manage the fears I had.”  JC in Hove

2. “ I particularly appreciated Maria’s flexibility. As a working mum with young kids on the South Coast, getting to London for face-to-face meetings was almost impossible, so Maria suggested we try working through Skype. I wasn’t sure how this would affect the experience, but it didn’t lessen the impact in any way. The sessions had an immediate and far-reaching impact on me. Maria’s warmth and steady approach came across clearly, and I felt completely reassured and involved.” Louise on the South Coast.

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GDPR is a EU general data protection regulation and has been enforceable since May 25th, 2018. As your therapist, I also had to comply with these new regulations and ensure that my privacy policy is robust.

The rules also apply to companies that are based outside of the EU which includes Zoom video conferencing. Zoom have legal data privacy and security measures in place, as well as tight privacy policies and communication practice, If you’re interested in checking their policies out, take a look at