Lonely at Christmas

Day2 in the series on the Christmas countdown.

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Today we look at Loneliness at Christmas

This is day 2 out of 6 in my Christmas Countdown series. Yesterday we took a look at ‘expectation and experience’ depending on your perspective as an extrovert or introvert.

Simple things you can do to recharge your batteries whilst dealing with the hectic side of the run-up to Christmas – and even on the day itself.

It’s amazing how simple things and taking just a little time out for yourself can boost one’s ability to get those pre-Christmas jobs done and successfully handle stressful situations.

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Spoiler alert:  The sixth and final part of this series will have a free bonus list of ideas for healthier coping strategies. and I’ll be including my client guide on how to get a good night sleep, in preparation for the holiday events.

Do you wish you had people to share Christmas with?

Not everybody has a family to go to or friends to be with over the holiday season, spiking feelings of desperation and being alone, depressed and left out.

Did you know that equally some people LOVE having Christmas time to themselves?

Unplugging from the frenetic pace of your working year, or other people’s expectations that’s two benefits that the holiday could bring to you.

If like one client, you have suffered a bereavement during the year, this may be a time of reflection and quiet for you.

People celebrate this time of year in their faith or spirituality by connecting to those fundamental beliefs.

Or you may have chosen to experience long country walks as a way to chill-out while making your own decisions for the future. Choosing to have a quiet time while looking forward to celebrating with others the glitz of New Year’s Eve.


Which options would suit you?  – Here are several things that people do.

I don’t want to be alone!

In the UK there is the potential to become involved in the annual community projects.  Meaning you no longer need the fear of being lonely at Christmas time. Being of service to your local community can be extended to beyond the Christmas period too.

Check out your local council for details. Use the web search engine for your city by typing in ‘where to volunteer in…’ for example London, or Liverpool this Christmas.

If you need to talk to someone over the Christmas period, there is splendid work done by The Samaritans in the UK, who are usually available to phone round the clock. Is there a similar organisation in the country where you live?

Or if you fancy sharing lunch in the company of others, you could check if there will be any activities set up by your local council.  There are also alternative non-profit community organisations.

Lonely at Christmas

Volunteering around the UK

And of course, you can google or use alternative search engines to get regional variations. Or visit your local council or library to gather local information.

Click here for more information from community Christmas across the UK.

For information on The UK Samaritans service

Example of volunteering around London.

There are times when people chose to spend the main day quietly for many different reasons.

Deciding to hunker-down and get cosy?

In planning for your perfect day think about:

  • What are your favourite foods and films?
  • Who would you choose to call, or Skype?
  • What type of music would you play out loud?
  • Where’s that good book that you meant to read?
  • Maybe you’ve arranged to meet up for Christmas lunch with another person who is also spending the day on their own?
  • Or maybe you’ve been able to a ‘push the boat out’ and arranged a singles friendship holiday for over the Christmas period.
Lonely at Christmas? Not necessarily.

Cosy and fulfilled at Christmas time


You may feel just as fulfilled with Christmas magic if you find yourself doing some of your favourite things on your own. Just as much as if you choose to share some of your time with other people too.   

Our emotions around this period can differ from person to person, depending on our circumstances. It’s what has meaning for you that’s most important.


Next week my third blog will look at what most folks have an opinion on or concern for over the Christmas period. How do you deal with DIFFICULT PEOPLE?

Sometimes we feel we can’t escape such people over the holiday period. Our emotions may be tied to a sense of duty or guilt or in circumstances that are beyond our control.

It’s no fun to feel bored silly, or if you expect the day to end up in arguments and recriminations.

So, is it possible to control difficult people, even when that problematic person is our self!  What’s the reason for this and how can we break that pattern?

And in my fourth blog, we look at how to combat the build-up of stress from rushing around. Trying to fit everything in. While that little voice in your head is screaming “I’m tired and overwhelmed.”

Or “what if everything goes wrong, it will be my fault.”

Taking some simple actions and making an effort with your mindset could produce a significant difference to your enjoyment.

Until next week… thanks for reading.

Christmas countdown

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