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What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

The use of Hypnosis for the Cognitive Hypnotherapist is…

Based on 3 principles:

  • The first is that trance is an everyday occurrence
  • The second principle is that all behaviour has a positive purpose.
  • The third principle is that everyone is unique

Negative behaviours are things we don’t want to do being triggered by the unconscious as it thinks it will bring you benefit. The unconscious may be relying on past experience as a reference guide to you now.

As a protection response, the unconscious will seek to take us towards those things that give us positive rewards and away from things we believe will cause us pain.

These ways of behaving can also be linked to those things you want to change, for example getting over fears or phobias,  those things that other people may find harmless.  Or those feelings or thoughts that produce anxiety or stress in our lives.   How these may result in upholding certain beliefs about our confidence and our self esteem. How this can impact our work, our family, or our social lives.

Due to the protective response sometimes the unconscious can make an error  in its understanding very often perceived when we were young,  and grown into significant issues as we get older.

Cognitive hypnotherapy is aiming to help to dehypnotise you from those states that your unconscious puts you in to get you to do what it thinks best. As the problem behaviour declines and ceases to fire, then you get to stay your normal self, more often, in those moments, behaving or thinking as you’d prefer to.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a complementary health choice.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is continually evolving to deliver the best possible techniques from many alternative disciplines.  That means that we are always in the process of updating our knowledge and practice based on the latest Neuro-scientific research.

We talk of trance or hypnosis as being a part of the therapy you’ll experience, but our aim is to use hypnosis as a way to de-hypnotise you from those everyday ‘trance’ behaviours that you seek to change.

Tailored to the client’s way of thinking.

Drawing on a reserve of recent discoveries, ideas and research in ‘Positive Psychology, Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive Therapy, NLP and Transactional Analysis,

We use the most effective tools for change and incorporate them into a modern idea of hypnosis.

Hypnosis and word-weaving™

Word weaving is a hypnotic use of language to help to accelerate the client’s rate of improvement.  The science of word weaving is a modern approach which is ethical and I tailor to suit each client’s individual needs.

I’ll be helping you to get to the core of your unique behavioural patterns; giving you the tools to access a skill set between sessions.  My aim is to help my clients to continue to achieve their desired outcome in making permanent changes to their reality.

My Approach

The methods I use are flexible enough so that I can adapt what I do to fit your problem.

What’s that about and how do I use it?

By continually asking myself  this question, together, we work towards your solution.

Whilst I respect the pace that is right for each person in making improvements, we also aim to help you to improve in the shortest possible time.

One size doesn’t fit all!  

If I were to see three people in a day with the same problem, they might all need a different approach to resolve it.

This approach differs from those traditional methods of therapy that may focus consistently on the context of your problem. In a working alliance, we explore and help transform the way you are thinking, feeling or behaving.

Does it Work?

The speed of change depends very much on the individual. Some people make changes and notice the differences very quickly, whilst others need the pace to be more incremental.

From personal experience, and from the great results I’ve seen in many people I know these methods do work.

Session Choices

  • One introductory chat via phone is free of charge and includes an initial assessment, and  discussion as to why you are seeking hypnotherapy.
  • You can choose to have an initial assessment in my office for a reasonable fee.
  • Arrange a 1:1 package of sessions at my East London Hypnotherapy practice. Sometimes sessions can be weekly or fortnightly or monthly which spreads the cost.

Online hypnotherapy:

  • If appropriate for your issue can be an alternative or addition to office sessions. I use zoom web meetings or Skype for on-line sessions.
  • Click here for more information, regarding ONLINE therapy.

Personal MP3 hypnosis recordings:

  • I provide MP3 downloadable recordings as part of your therapy.  These recordings contain unique word-weaving to support and guide your unconscious mind in helping you achieve your solution state.

Further details on session choices and working with Maria Richards can be found on the therapy options page.

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I am proud to have been trained at the Quest Institute for Cognitive Hypnotherapy  and by it’s internationally acclaimed founder ‘Trevor Sylvester.’