Are e-cigarettes an alternative to smoking

…the debate goes on about the role of e-cigarettes as an alternative to stopping smoking?

No more nicotine

I want to stop smoking and kick the nicotine habit

As ministers in Wales decide to respond to concerns over e-cigarette devices they are proposing to restrict their use in enclosed public places. They believe it could normalise smoking by making it appear to be acceptable to smoke e-cigarettes indoors, creating an invitation to smoke to young people (at the time of writing there is no age limitation on purchase and there are no advertising restrictions), and research is limited on the health impact on the user and on the secondary health impact for people inhaling the nicotine vapour. Although some people are using them as effective aids to stop smoking, what they are not doing is stopping the addiction to nicotine.

E-cigs are not regulated like patches or gum, so unlike medicines, there are no rules about the purity of the nicotine in the device. However, there is also no present evidence that they contain the many poisonousness elements found in tar (in tobacco) including carbon monoxide.

Dr Vivienne Nathanson of the British Medical Association confirmed to the BBC that “we don’t know if e-cigarettes are safe…it’s going to take some time before we do because we need to see them in use and to study very carefully what the effects of e-cigs are” Dr Nathanson believes that taking these devices off the shelves or heavily regulating them would be a better option until we know that the contents of each were fixed. In the UK the MHRA* are presently looking into the possibility of more stringent regulation e.g. looking at the purity and the quality of the product.

E-cigarettes –  What others are saying and doing?

With this advice in mind, my search for answers took me across the globe to a report in the Jerusalem Post, where after four months’ preparation a draft document to prohibit the sale of both e-cigarettes and the chemicals that fill them, has been issued for the perusal of the public.

Here a bill to include e-cigs in existing prohibitions for smoking tobacco has been tabled in the Knesset.  Some of their reasons for bringing this to public attention are:

  • Nicotine is a chemical/ psychoactive stimulant, addictive and acts in the body by releasing adrenaline and dopamine
  • Nicotine is used as an agricultural insecticide
  • These chemicals and others in e-cigs are not uniform or standardized among products
  • Leaks from cartridges have been reported, exposing others to a serious toxic risk in the air and by being swallowed, including by children.

In Israel, the ministry document calls for the prohibition of the manufacture, storage or marketing of e-cigs and their products.   However, due to the decline and prohibition on smoking tobacco in public, it’s also recognised that the tobacco companies have a vested interest in the sale of e-cig products given the demand for them.

As a result of e-cig dangers, the US Food and Drug Administration has barred the sale of e-cigs, while the World Health Organization has advised countries to warn its residents of exposure to e-cigs, whose claims of reducing tobacco smoking “have not been proven.”

So how do I stop smoking and break the nicotine habit?

If you want to be smoke-free and break the nicotine habit you may have already tried all other routes to stopping, gum, patches, e-cigarettes, but even if you haven’t here’s an even better alternative.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, gentle and complementary alternative and with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, you will learn techniques that can help you through banishing cravings, help you sustain being free from smoking and begin to understand much more about why this addiction is ‘not your fault’.

It’s not your willpower that’s the issue here it’s a cruel trick caused by nicotine itself –  so help yourself by giving yourself the opportunity to retrain your brain so that smoking stays in the past where it belongs and that means quitting smoking with the chemical fallout from the toxins in tar and binning that addictive nicotine habit (in all its forms) for good.

For more information on my smoking cessation treatment programme, you can check out my specialist page by clicking on this link stop smoking today or make contact and arrange to come over to my East London practice and where I’ll help you to make smoking a thing of the past.

*Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

In a later blog, I talk about the Simmons Method of smoking cessation to help people get free from the smoking