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At my East London Hypnotherapy practice I have helped many people with underlying stress and anxiety issues.  I can guide you to develop resources to combat anxiety, stress or panic attacks relating to work, social life, interviews, presentations, exam nerves and more…

People have arrived in my office with issues of anxiety about their future, very often making possibilities into probabilities.  

With a persistence in Negative thoughts, life can become an exhausting battle – as feelings are ramped up and anxiety becomes more severe.

Does this describe you?

Sometimes a client may not be able to put their finger on why they find themselves suffering symptoms like rapid breathing, increased heart rate, sweating or in severe cases, panic attacks. Some clients believe that the cause of their stress is locked in a past issue and this may be true. We look at unlocking the past to heal your present and your future.

As the brain perceives the environment or a situation as a threat it will produce a response from a primal sub-conscious need to protect us.  In this respect the sympathetic nervous system produces what is known as a fight-flight or freeze response. Bringing up fearful emotions and setting off sensations in the body with behaviours which leave little room for clear cognitive thinking. When the situation has passed then the cognitive brain has to try and make sense of it.

Limiting beliefs about our self can play a vital role in causing obstacles when we dearly wish to move on. However the good news is that things can and do change. I’ve seen the results in many clients and also for myself.

Choice of Techniques

With a choice of techniques I can tailor a treatment plan to suit you – fitting the right techniques and interventions from a wide range of approaches to support your improvement and enhance your own ability to improve with the help of hypnotic wordweaving™

We would be exploring how you perceive and experience your problem and work towards making positive changes over a series of sessions, which can enable you to manage your own response to your stress and anxiety. Encouraging a better understanding of what you could achieve with the ability to relax and be much more in control. Gradually and at your own pace you can move towards your solution state, by drawing upon your own resources and learning new ones that can help you.

You may like to take a look one of my blog’s  on stress and anxiety which leads to persistent worrying, to see if anything specific resonates with you.  Sometimes simple coping strategies are all we need and sometimes we need that bit more to help us navigate out of a dense forest of stress or anxiety into a clearing which gives us back the hope for a much brighter future with the ability to take action.

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What ever your issue with stress, anxiety or panic feel free to check there are therapy options  to choose from.  Or speak to me directly by setting up a no obligation chat via phone or online video call.

“I worked with Maria on managing my levels of anxiety, in both social and professional situations. She gave me effective strategies to control anxiety and habitual worrying.”  H.J.