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Are you being made to feel like a Human Chimney?

What are your smoking triggers?

Break the habit means breaking the triggers

Do you want to get free from smoking or vaping?  Are you fed up with shelling out your hard-earned cash for no real reward?

If it’s not the hundreds to thousands of pounds you’re spending a year on the smoking, then maybe it’s that growing concern you have about your health and longevity.

Some of my clients were trying to get fit and finding the smoking was holding them back from being able to breathe easily.

Whilst others had come to the end of their tether with trying so many ways to stop,  that they felt they were now smoking more nicotine due to the repetition of constantly vaping. One described it as feeling like the vaping cigarette was literally stuck to her.  So much so that friends, family, work colleagues and her children had started to comment about their concern too.

Ready to ditch it and make tobacco your ex?  Ready to quit with the vaping and be completely smoke-free?

Want to climb aboard the train to your freedom from that old icky habit?

I’m a Cognitive Hypnotherapist trained in the Simmons Method to stop smoking and vaping.

There are 4 easy steps to helping you to become completely and permanently free  from the smoking habit:

Step 1: To freedom from smoking-vaping

Wipe out the haze from smoking habit - breath free from vaping

Ready to take step one? Click and make a booking

Arrange a free no-obligation phone conversation.  It’s an opportunity to have a chat with me, find out if this is a suitable option for you.  Have any of your concerns answered, find out more about how this works – and what makes it different to what you may have tried before?

Step 2:   To freedom from smoking-vaping

We’ve decided to proceed and arrange the first of two sessions at either at the London office or across Zoom.  We explore any stressors that may be a problem in helping you to stay a non-smoker and what action can be taken to resolve that.

Step 3:

There are some simple pre-second session tasks and you will need to commit to following these through before your main session.

I will also provide you with an MP3 download with a hypnotic suggestion pattern to listen to each night.

Step 4: Complete freedom from smoking-vaping

Your second session and your freedom from the smoking and vaping are on track as we continue to break the triggers and associations that once meant smoking.  You walk away having learned tools to help you remain a non-smoker or ex-vapor for the rest of your life.

Bonus Continuing Support:

There is a standard charge to stop smoking or vaping – payment is not per session. Duration of each room or zoom session can be up to 90 minutes depending on the client’s individual requirements.

1. Session’s Structure

  1. Initial assessment/consultation via phone or Zoom web-link. No obligation or charge.
  2. Some simple pre-session tasks which will require your commitment to follow them through.
  3. Two appointments comprising up to 90 minutes per session at my office or across Zoom online web-link
  4. An MP3 download or CD track containing a priming hypnotic suggestion.

Bonus:  The service includes techniques and interventions tailored to help you.

This service is associated with smoking or vaping only.

  • Client’s receive helpful tips and tools as aids in remaining smoke-free. For the first month, I email you a weekly motivational email (optional) to cheer you on as you remain permanently free.
  • For the first 6 weeks should an unexpected trigger arise you can choose to return for a follow-up session online at a reduced single session fee.
  • Or in the office at a fee which also allows for the therapist travel expenses.

Ready to take action?

Wipe out the haze from smoking habit - breath free from vaping

Ready to take step one? Click and make a booking

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