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Many people find hypnotherapy a great resource in their desire to stop smoking. In my East London clinic hypnosis is just one of the tools we will be using to help you stop smoking, Making your new identity as a non-smoker a permanent and sustainable one…

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What’s important to you now which means it’s time to break up with the the smoking and leave it in past for good?

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Smoking linked to asthma in children

More often than not people have found themselves drifting back into the habit of smoking and worse of all feel completely mystified by why this happens.  Client’s come to me having tried everything else.  Their head telling them that they really want to  stop smoking but finding there are specific times where their actions betray them.  Like magic one cigarette appears between their fingers followed by another, and  they don’t even recall lighting it! Wow and that’s a trance!

Important message!   The smoking ‘addiction’  is not your fault… ever heard of the ‘nicotine trick’?   This trickster is key in what persuades your brain into believing that it just has to have one more cigarette.  The trick is to hijack the normal reward mechanisms of the brain.  However there is a method to re-educate those mechanisms in your brain, which helps makes that Pavlovian reaction a thing of the past. Cognitive Hypnotherapy combined with the Simmons Method aims to change your old experience of failed attempts by empowering you with tools to take back the control.

Imagine how you could see yourself with this new identity as a non-smoker, especially if its a permanent and sustainable one?

Most people also find that there are times and places where  unique triggers have taken them to the smoking habit.  The good news is that we can use tools to untangle these triggers, giving you the control you need to stand up for your health and overcome those moments.

What’s Different about Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Alert!   You will not be asked to close your eyes and be read a generic one size fits all script for  the duration of your session and then be told “bye-bye you’ve had your quick fix”.

Quest Cognitive hypnotherapists know you are a unique individual and your attachment to this addiction will have unique meaning for you.

My aim is to help you by looking at your reasons for smoking some of which may include:

  • What’s motivating you to stop now and how we can use that
  • What times of day or what specific events trigger the habit
  • How you can break the patterns of behaviour that initiate this habit
  • What stress means to you and healthier ways to alleviate this issue
  • How you can banish concerns about mood swings or cravings as you stop smoking

Imagine and take action to become a non-smoker, here’s a peek at what the first few days of stop smoking could physically do for you:

  • After 20 minutes your blood pressure and heart rate will return to normal.
  • In 12 hours carbon monoxide levels will drop back to normal.
  • 24 hours pass by and your body will start to clear out the mucus built up in your lungs.
  • In just 72 hours breathing will become easier and your energy levels will increase.
  • Leading up to 1 month, the appearance of your skin will start to improve as the oxygen has started to return to your gums, your skin and extremities.

The more you don’t smoke any more, the more the benefits continue to escalate.  In your health and fitness, in your finances –  and extends into other parts of your life.  Imagine how you would prefer your life to be different.  Like in your social activities, working environment or maybe family commitments.

If  a friend or member of your family is pushing you – think seriously if you really want to stop smoking. For hypnotherapy to be most effective YOU really must want to quit and that means making that commitment for yourself.  I would emphasis that you should only proceed if you have a genuine interest in:

  • learning more about the habit
  • making a personal commitment to yourself to stop the smoking

The Simmons Method to stop the smoking habit.

Simmons Method logoBased on Scientific research the Simmons Method uses cutting edge neuro-scientific research.

As a Simmons Method practitioner I have specific  training in understanding much more about how smoking effects the landscape of your brain.  Knowledge is powerful in helping you become smoke free.

There is less emphasis on generalised suggestions at an unconscious level to stop smoking. The Simmons Method aims to help you understand much more about what is happening to you. My training enables me to create bespoke treatments which help you to break all the unique associations that trigger the smoking in you. 

Session Structure

  1. Initial assessment/consultation via phone or Skype – let’s  find out if this is a suitable option for you.
  2. You can expect some simple pre-session tasks which will require your commitment to follow them through.
  3. Two appointments comprising up to 90 minutes per session at my office. (depending on your requirements)
  4. An MP3 download or CD track  containing a priming hypnotic suggestion.

Bonus:  This service includes techniques and interventions tailored to help you. After completion of your sessions you have the advantage of  continuing support depending on your specific service pack.

Service 1:  (after completion of session structure)

  • Client’s receive helpful tips and tools as aids in remaining smoke free. For the first month I email you a weekly motivational email (optional) to cheer you on as you remain permanently free.  For the first 6 weeks should an unexpected trigger arise  you can choose to return for a follow up session at my office for a reduced single session fee.  This service is associated with the smoking or vaping only.

Service 2: Pay a bit more for service 2.   (after completion of session structure)

  • Client’s receive helpful tips and tools as aids in remaining smoke free. For the first month I email you a weekly motivational email (optional) to cheer you on as you remain permanently free.  For the first 12 weeks should an unexpected trigger arise  I offer email/phone support and if required one follow up room session at no extra charge.  This service is associated with the smoking or vaping only.
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*Hypnotherapy was proven to be the best method of stopping smoking by a meta analysis of almost 72,000 subjects across USA and Europe conducted at University of Iowa by Viswesvaran & Schmidt (1992), reported in New Scientist (1992 – Volume 136, Issue 1845, Page 6).