Improvement in Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Wouldn’t it be great to have that self-belief, the confidence that could spur you forward in achieving your dreams, your positive desires whether that be in your professional aspirations, taking exams, relating to others socially or whatever your issue may be where you feel held back.  Here in my East London practice we work together by utilising the tools from Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help you take those steps towards a greater belief in yourself and gently build your courage.

It may not feel easy right now, but it is possible to make that change into being or being seen to be much more confident and self-assured.

You’re not on your own because lack of self-esteem and confidence is much more common than you’d think and it can be rooted in past experiences which have served to embed either a fear or a negative behaviour.  The result being that you may come to a full stop or feel hesitant when you would really love to be able to move in the direction you desire, communicate more effectively, or relate to somebody you really like with much more ease.

By working towards altering those negative thoughts and behaviours which are causing your issue, learning practical techniques and understanding what drives you, you could see great changes as you  move towards your solution state.

By empowering yourself with the aid of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, you could enable yourself to let go of those old emotions and respond in a much more able way to a positive perspective which will increase your confidence and your abilities to cope .

Contact me today and let’s arrange for a free initial consultation where we can discuss your issue and how I can be of help.