Phobias and Fears

That feeling that screams “Get me out of here!”

You’d be surprised at how many people dread small things, that move fast. At my East London hypnotherapy practice, I’ve heard clients agonising about phobias and fears especially if a loved one keeps saying things like…

“But he’s man’s best friend I can’t understand why you’re so afraid!”  or “But you are so much bigger than that little spider?”.   Ever been chased by a loved family member who happily teases you by holding a fictitious spider?  Comments or behaviour like this are meant to be helpful, by suggesting you can just ‘get a grip’, or even by poking innocent fun but they tend to only increase the negative response you experience, even when you know consciously that this may be irrational.

In fact for some people a phobia or fear along with the body response of shaking, heart racing, and all those feelings unique to you can also be aroused by a particular object, (like a button), or circumstance, (like fear of flying), to the point where it severely restricts your life.”

In the UK research has discovered that at least 1 in 10 people can be suffering from a phobia at some time in their life. With many people being too embarrassed to come forward to get help.

Phobias and fears can be specific or general, for example, fear of:

  • spiders
  • Heights
  • Dentists
  • Open Spaces
  • Interacting with other people
  • Flying
  • Public transport
  • The dread of developing a phobia!


Cognitive hypnotherapy helps you to conquer your phobias and fears, which sometimes means exploring the root cause and teaching you techniques which help to diminish its effects.  Many clients benefit through the use of Fast Phobia Cure, a method which helps to guide and support you towards a new perspective. Working with me we have a selection of tools that we can tap into which gives us a range of choices in helping you let go of your unwanted phobia.

Some clients are surprised at how quickly they can overcome their issue and the positive benefits that ripple through to other parts of their lives.

For more information view my therapy options or contact me to help gain the confidence and tools you need to help this problem become a thing of the past.