Life Coaching

Allow yourself some ‘Project You’ time.

“Life is a journey…not a destination.” Lynn H. Hough

Life coaching“If you’re saying that you want to feel a sense of progression…”

You are not on your own – many of us at some point wish we had a magic wand that could motivate us into becoming more active whilst moving away from that old habit of drawn out procrastination.

Then again some people are also highly motivated but get bogged down by life, circumstance or just not being sure where to start or how to prioritise.

What’s your story?

Project You is different because it’s not just a goal setting exercise it’s a means to help you achieve your goals whilst also working to give you the means of taking control of the way you live your life…

We all have differing levels of what’s known as personal signature strengths – you may be aware of some of yours, they’re the ones where you are in situations that make you feel comfortable and you thrive because you are literally ‘in-flow’, compared to those situations you would rather escape because you feel out of your depth,  which may cause a fear to engage or move forward.

Getting more of a balance and learning how to take command of areas of your life through an understanding of how to apply your strengths in many situations can make a huge difference.  Within this method of life coaching we apply the theory of what Martin Seligman called positive psychology is a different way of looking at you – learning about you, and helping you to achieve those dream goals or in some cases helping you to realise that those changes you are seeking can also lead you to a very different and much preferred destination.

Be *SMART – and take some well-deserved time out to help yourself get to the state or place that you want to be.

This is working on you for you, with my guidance and using the toolkit of ‘Project You’ which is a therapeutic approach to life coaching.   It does take your commitment which means that the outcome can reap you a bounty of rewards and achievements, not only affecting you but everything around you – YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONE BIT AT A TIME.

Enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a small goal and reaping the benefits which lead to your bigger goal in whatever has meaning for you.

Project You can also bring you more peace, positivity and connection with your life and those around you.

smart = specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based – all aspects of goal setting.

“How do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time.” Bill Hogan.

“The elephant doesn’t have to be seen as one giant goal that your whole life depends on. Why not enjoy the bites along the way? Before you know it you may have even ridden the elephant and moved on to a new and even better landscape!” Maria Richards