Debt at Christmas

Debt at Christmas

Day 6 the final part of my Christmas countdown series. One of the biggest causes of stress over this period is financial obligations. The pressure of the media and specific brands to buy, buy, buy! All these things, alongside youngsters or adult expectations, can ramp up those stress hormones and risk you going into debt at Christmas. In the final blog in this series of Christmas Countdown, we look at the things you could consider doing differently this year to stay out of debt. And what to do should you find your finances have spiralled out of control. Continue reading this post

Christmas overindulgence

Christmas overindulgence

It’s day 5 of my Christmas Countdown series. While it’s okay to take a break from moderating our eating or drinking, there is still some wisdom in resisting the urge to overindulge massively over the Christmas holidays. Today’s penultimate blog in my Christmas countdown series gives you some ideas about how to control those urges. And also asks you some specific questions to help you decide what would work best for you. Sign up for a free guide to healthier strategies starting today and in the lead up to Christmas. Continue reading this post

Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun

Day 4 in the 6 session series on Christmas Countdown. Having fun at Christmas time can mean different things to different people. So, is there any such thing as the perfect Christmas? After all, things in life don’t always go as planned, so why should the festive season be any different. Are you feeling responsible for when things go awry? Then just maybe you’re expecting too much of yourself. Experiment with letting go of the weight of expectation this year. Here are some ideas to share the load, and you could discover new actions and attitudes which will allow those anxiety levels to drop. Generally, when we learn to relax more with uncertainty and live in the moment, then everybody can start to have more fun. Continue reading this post

Christmas stress and difficult people.

Avoid Christmas stress

Avoiding Christmas stress isn’t easy when we are dealing with personal, or others emotions and expectations. How do you usually deal with ‘difficult people’ or what feels like the overwhelming demands on your time? What may be the reason why people start to behave irrationally? What can help you? This information with some ideas might help to sprinkle some Christmas magic in alleviating that stress. Continue reading this post

Lonely at Christmas

Lonely at Christmas? Not necessarily.

Day 2 in the 6 session series on Christmas Countdown. Today we look at loneliness at Christmas. And you may be surprised to find out that some people prefer to be alone. But what can you do if you would prefer to have company, and what kind of things would you plan to make Christmas a better day if you are on your own? Pre-planning what you want could start today. Continue reading this post

Last call for stoptober quit smoking

Stoptober quit-smoking

It can be effortless, or more challenging to stop the smoking. Depending on what triggers have brought you back to the nicotine addiction in the past. However, it is also possible to put those triggers in the past where they belong and become future-proof free. With Christmas coming up you may find it helpful to have some extra tools for remaining a non-smoker up your sleeve too.  Continue reading this post

How sleep deprived are you?

This blog is aimed at those of you who put off going to bed to sleep! Before you know it, it’s 1am or 4am in the morning when you turn off ‘that work laptop or TV screen.’ You then stagger to your bedroom and wake up a few hours later feeling exhausted. With three pivotal questions to get you thinking for yourself, discover how trading in some old routines and setting up better habits could make a major difference for you. Continue reading this post

Post Traumatic Stress: PTSD-help to recover

Also known as PTSD – just how common is it?  Audio duration 09:30  Reading time 9:00 Important warning: When listening to any audio content please ensure you’re not concentrating on anything else like driving a vehicle or operating machinery! With your safety in mind Can hypnotherapy help you overcome post-traumatic stress: PTSD? We’ll look at […] Continue reading this post

Happy List releases stress

During this challenging year in the UK and across the globe, it’s good to be reminded about all the acts of selflessness through kindness that humans are capable of too. This got me to thinking about our emotional needs. What, if any, are the personal rewards for acts of kindness, and what does the receiver gain? How do these things create a feedback loop which brings us happiness and the growth of a more loving community? Audio available to listen to… Continue reading this post