Raising the default level of happiness in your life:

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Theories abound about what it is that brings us true happiness.  Like for example,  “60% of our happiness is determined by genetics and our environment and that the other 40% is up to us”.  What’s for sure is that happiness can be something different for each and every one of us. Research within the field of positive psychology has shown that the pursuit of ‘pleasure’ in itself, does not necessarily have any contribution to lasting fulfilment and happiness.  Rather ‘pleasure’ is the icing on the cake for those of us leading satisfactory lives which have meaning,  and were we have a sense of engagement by being in-flow with what we are doing.

Yes really… this is possible to do.  In the rush of our lives it’s sometimes too easy to overlook those things that could make a difference in raising our own personal perceptions and happiness levels.

Here’s are few tips from those who practice happiness within their daily lives.

Surrounding yourself with other happy people:

Well who really needs to be brought down by other peoples negative attitudes and behaviours?  If we are constantly surrounded by people behaving or thinking  in a certain way it’s so easy to take on the same way of thinking and being.  Make a change and find people who are more joyous and playful – that too is just as contagious.

Cultivate resilience:

Okay so something you’ve tried out may not be successful at first.  To succeed we have to be willing to fail, then we can start coming up with the golden moments.  Take small steps towards what it is you want to do and remember to look out and celebrate the smaller victories too.

Appreciate simple pleasures:

At the end of your day, and just before you go to sleep, there is a ‘positive psychology’ tactic you can try out.  Take a moment to allow your unconscious to bring forward 1 to 3 positive gifts from the day. For example, it could be help from a stranger, the beauty of the sky, or a flower,  a piece of music, something you did to help another, whatever it is that would be a good thing to have happened because of, or while you were present.  Choosing to tune into optimism has many health benefits including reducing stress.

Learning ‘mindfulness’ or ‘meditation:

Giving you a chance to put to one side the cares of the day. Switch off technology and find a place to be at peace, just for 10 to 20 minutes  once or twice a day, using mindfulness or meditation techniques can lower your stress levels, recharge your brain functions and increase your resilience.

Connect with your environment in a new way:

By tapping into different habits you could make a difference to your day, or your week. Learning to make choices in how we interact with ourselves and the world around us in a more positive way. For example some people help themselves by creating a better experience of their day by choosing a different route through the park or a new street, opening up their awareness to the amazing things that surround us.

For many more tips and the route to background studies and research, I’d like to share with you this excellent blog from the Huffington post:

The Habits of Extremely Happy people

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