Build your confidence – Fixed to Growth Mindset

When you build your confidence it can mean changing your mindset from fixed beliefs about yourself by gently pushing the edges of comfort through experimenting and trying out something new or developing on those skills you already have.

I’ve included a link (see below) which is a refreshing perspective based on the work of Carole Dweck and the psychology of success and written by Maria Popova at Brain Pickings.Org.   I like it because it’s a window to a world that may just help those who grew up to believe that they weren’t intelligent or good enough in comparison to other people around them.  Strike that fixed mindset and learn and develop by moving into the growth mindset. Surprisingly  old unhelpful beliefs can begin to crumble – In a good way,

Imagine the difference if you were to be able to transform unhelpful fears into feelings of excitement, When dipping those toes into a challenge to sense a difference within yourself that supports you moment to moment.  Excitement that comes from the perspective of learning and improvement, rather than fear of failure. . We can be open to developing our potential and ultimately our capacity for fulfillment, meaning and purpose in life.  Still sound or feel’s too scary?  If it’s to do with your mind and limiting beliefs, that’s something we could begin to work on  together.

Change your mindset:  build-your-confidence

 What if the beliefs we held  about our abilities didn’t have to be set in concrete?
Build your confidence

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