Reduce stress; don’t believe this myth…

One myth I’d love to dispel is “cigarettes reduce stress”, and then add in a few tips to help you get past the first 48 hours when cravings can be at their worse. Old beliefs around the role of nicotine very often leads people to light up again and smoke even more. I believe we need to continue to get the truth out there, which gives you the choice to take back control and not be duped! Continue reading this post

Tricks of the mind – Worry well or worry more…

Spinning off from my last blog on an ‘ocean of thoughts’ persistent worrying, I’ve been asked what kind of practical help I can offer within a blog. Things which by practising daily might interrupt the negative cycle of worry and its consequences. Here’s a few tips that people have found useful in regaining their hope for a future free of unnecessary worry. As perspectives change it helps to let that old unhelpful worrying go, an essential factor in lowering stress, anxiety, gaining clarity and lifting mood… Continue reading this post


Theories abound about what it is that brings us true happiness. Like for example, “60% of our happiness is determined by genetics and our environment and that the other 40% is up to us”. What’s for sure is that happiness can be something different for each and every one of us. Research within the field of positive psychology has shown that the pursuit of ‘pleasure’ in itself, does not necessarily have any contribution to lasting fulfilment and happiness. Rather ‘pleasure’ is the icing on the cake for those of us leading satisfactory lives which have meaning, and were we have a sense of engagement by being in-flow with what we are doing. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at what ‘happy’ people are doing differently which adds to their sense of meaningfulness and enables them to live more joyful, happier lives? Continue reading this post

World NO to Tobacco Day

As a Simmons Method trained practitioner I understand much more about how smoking effects the landscape of the brain, and how this knowledge can help you. After one or two sessions at my East London therapy room, you can leave smoking in the past, having gained new insights relevant to you. Combine this awareness with techniques and ideas and you can continue to banish cravings and have with you for life helpful alternatives to remain permanently free.

“The person in your head saying you can’t doesn’t exist…so why would I listen?” Trevor Silvester Continue reading this post


Being able to dissolve the weight of stress can have a profound effect in how we cope with the challenges of life and on our health, well-being and our relationships with others. So what is the ‘stress response’ and what can we start doing, that’s simple and natural to incorporate every day? Those things which can literally be saving our lives, and by helping ourselves we get more control by balancing out our responses to those stressors of a modern society. Continue reading this post

Shift worker and sleep

As you can imagine there are of millions of people working night shifts, I spent years doing shift work and can empathise with all of you out there who work cross shifts and long hours. I hope these tips will be helpful, I’ve included a 1-2-3 experiment meant as an aid when you’re going from one set of shifts to another as part of a 24 hour rota cycle… Continue reading this post

Can’t sleep? Hypnotherapy helps…

‘I can’t sleep’ may be one of the frustrating mantra’s you find yourself saying as you lay awake staring at the ceiling on most nights. Here is a checklist for some of the symptoms of insomnia and further suggestions as to a positive way forward to getting that deep rest we all need when we go to sleep…

Continue reading this post

Are e-cigarettes an alternative to smoking

So how do I stop smoking and break the nicotine habit?

…are e-cigarettes a good alternative to stop smoking? I took a look at what’s being reported here and across the globe.
If you want to be smoke-free and break the nicotine habit you may have already tried all other routes to stopping, gum, patches, e-cigarettes, but even if you haven’t here’s an even better alternative…. Continue reading this post